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I like how everyone seems like they’re dead tired and Thor’s just there going
'om nom nom this is a shawarma nom nom nom'

Notice how Clint and Natasha seemed to have appropriated half of each others’ chairs.

and I think Tony is just realizing that he literally died and was scared back to life by the man to his left

and steve, being the senior citizen, is simply nodding off

Also, the dude behind the counter just nonchalantly making shawarma for the goddamn Avengers like they come in every day.

#meanwhile loki is outside tied to the bike rack with mjolnir on his chest

I’ve reblogged this about five times already and I dont plan on stopping

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Ah yes i have designed my perfect workout shirt

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truly inspiring


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the day is 4/20. stoners blaze it. children search for eggs. Nazis celebrate the birthday of Hitler. what a joyous day for all.

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